Dr Feelgood at The Fermain Tavern...

08th March 2012

After the disruption of a couple weekends ago when thick fog affected the arrival of visiting bands to our little Island, it was nice to have normal service return.
There were no delays for Dr Feelgood's return to the stage at The Fermain Tavern. This is a band that has seen several changes to its line-up over the decades... yes they have been around that long!
It was way back in 1989 that the band performed here with original singer Lee Brilleaux fronting it.
I often wonder how tangible it is for a band to continue using a name when a key member is no longer in the line-up? However there are many, many 'old timers' still taking to the stage with revised members.
I guess if the new line-up captures an authentic sound we can forgive them ;-)
Dr Feelgood were really tight and worked hard to entertain. They showed real class and experience when performing. A good sized crowd were in 'The Tav' and seemed to appreciate what they saw... another return visit to our Island may be called for?
A Gallery of pics is now online: DR FEELGOOD AT THE FERMAIN TAVERN