E H Trophy Semi-finals........

21st March 2015

There is nothing like a win to get any sportsman excited. This goes for any game.

Some may argue that sport and competition should be partaken for the fun and exercise... that alone should be enough for you!

But I maintain that they just don't get it. What sport is about is playing to win. If there are a few other benefits along the way then they are just a bonus!

The challenges on the way to the win can be fun. The ups and downs are all part of any game. But the end goal (in this case) is what a team and its supporters are looking for and when it comes it's well worth celebrating.

As a Sports photographer my aim is to illustrate the play and hopefully capture some of the story. But my ultimate objective is to freeze that moment of elation and the joy of accomplishment that comes with victory.

The capture of the perfect celebratory shot can be a little like fishing for a record fish or maybe a better 'photographic comparison' would be to think of it like trying to photograph a rare bird. You will almost certainly need lots of patience together with the luck of being in the right place at the right time. And too that mix you hopefully add a little pinch of experience that moves the odds in your favour a little ;-)

So I was pretty pleased with myself when I captured a sequence of shots at the E H Trophy Hockey Semi-finals this weekend. I was able to tell the whole story in pics... from the ball going in the goal to the excited celebrations. In fact I want to jump around as much as the players.

It was a win, win for everyone... and that's what it is all about :-)