I think the 'Enough is Enough' protest meeting that was held on the North Beach car park must be one of the best supported public protests by Guernsey residents.

It seems that the locals are not at all happy about the possible introduction of a General Sales Tax, Paid Parking and increased Refuse Collection costs.

But the trigger for the protest was the threat of the introduction of a mixed bag (and poorly judged) range of Vehicle Width and CO2 emission taxes. Maybe this was the final straw that broke the Donkey's back?
The Donkey's came out in force... and we're a stubborn lot :-)

These ELEVATED TALLPICTURES show some of the demonstrators who joined in the protest. I have made a head count and reckon that more than 3,000 people attended during the event.

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North Beach Protest-1
North Beach Protest-2
North Beach Protest-3
North Beach Protest-4
North Beach Protest-5
North Beach Protest-6
North Beach Protest-7
North Beach Protest-8
North Beach Protest-9
North Beach Protest-10
North Beach Protest-11
North Beach Protest-12