Fermain Fest 2014... spoilt for choice!

14th April 2014

Fermain Fest 2014 was held on Saturday at The Fermain Tavern - where else?

Basically the format is music, music and more music spread over an eight hour working day :-) To expand on that a little, the music genre is pretty eclectic - in other words something for almost everyone's tastes.

This varied line-up attracts a great mix of punters who arrive to support their favourites and then hang around to enjoy other artists. I think that is what justifies the 'Fest' in Fermain Fest!

I was on site for most of the eight hours but missed a couple of acts as I had to pop out for other photog work.

I think my favourite act were The Glazzies. They had been heralded with this quote: "Influenced by 90's groups such as Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr. and Queens of the Stone Age, The Glazzies have brought back tense verses and explosive choruses." - AlternativeNation.net

I think that was encouragement enough for me to make sure I didn't miss them. I was not disappointed!

I've now added a full Gallery of pics featuring Jonny Lives!, Sugar Slam, Robert J Hunter, The Glazzies, To the Woods, Brunt, Lydia Pugh and The Doomsday Project. That's quite a full line-up, you'll agree!