Festivals.... who needs them?

19th August 2012

OK, I ask the question... 'Festivals, who needs them?'

Guernsey has an amazing and very varied Music & Arts scene. A month never goes by without a few 'headline' events. I enjoy supporting many shows, gigs and festivals and I like to think that I take full advantage of the eclectic mix on offer.

However, so often I look around and find that the amount of folk that make the effort to attend is disappointingly small. In fact it is usual to see many of the same familiar faces.

So my word to you is 'keep a ear tuned into the local jungle drums' and listen out for the next event that offers something to your taste. You will be rewarded with time 'out of the house and off the sofa' and you might start a new habit ;-) Say hello if you see me out!

A great place to start would be next weekend at the Vale Earth Fair. Find your way to Vale Castle... it's in the Vale, you can't miss it! The Festival offers a fantastic mix of music... there really is something for every taste. It is child friendly and the setting is certainly unique. Support the local Festivals and you will be spoilt for choice. Remember what they say 'Use it or loose it'.

Ahead of the busy weekend coming up I have been adding a few more pics from another regular Festival... the Greenman Chaos. Latest updates feature pictures of Elmer Henley, ID Shade and The Black Vote: