First, it's the one in the middle....

21st September 2015

Maybe it's because I put an imaginary electronic pin into the digital pile?

Or perhaps I wasn't over the 'Alderney Jet Lag' yet?

Whatever the reason, I seem to have started the editing of three days worth of Alderney Motorsport photography in the middle!

It may be that I quite like a couple of the photographic 'viewpoints' that are offered to me on the Alderney Airport Speed Events track.

Unlike most of the motorsport events I photograph, there is an opportunity to add something extra to the pics captured in Alderney. What I mean by that is that I'm able to 'describe' where the racing takes place by carefully positioning the background scene to ensure that everyone knows precisely where the action took place. For example I love the view that places the Airport Control Tower as a backdrop.

Another viewpoint offers an unusual angle, where, (in complete contradiction) the background shows nothing more than sky! That angle is really tidy without distractions.

But, hopefully, I didn't get too distracted by the backgrounds and didn't forget to capture some action too!

You will be able to make up your own mind as the Galleries fill up with the three days pics.

So far you can view the Guernsey Kart & Motor Club's (Airport) Speed Event at Le Grande Val, Alderney. Day 1 and 3 will follow: