Flying the flag on the eve of Liberation Day....

08th May 2016

On the eve of Guernsey's celebration of our Liberation Day I was down on the sands of Chouet beach capturing the Autocross action.

Whilst waiting between races I considered how different things would have been if the British... with a little help from our allies! had not won the war.

Guernsey, with our fellow Channel Islands, were the only British soil that the Natzi's managed to take control of. The legacy that remains is to be seen all around our coastline in the form of the concrete bunkers.

But what I reflected on was the freedom that was returned to Guernseymen when the Allied forces liberated the Island allowing the slow return to the 'normality' of day-to-day life.

Part of that 'life' included the simple pleasure of once again having unrestricted access to our beautiful sandy beaches that play such a large part in all our lives. They are exposed twice a day as an area for play, contemplation, sunbathing, fishing and all sorts of fun.

Autocross racing comes under the 'fun' category!

So the day before our Liberation Day there were quite a few flags to be seen as Guernseymen and Guernsey ladies enjoyed the freedom of the sands whilst taking part in a long established Guernsey Motorsport... Autocross Banger Racing.

Thankfully today we are at peace in Europe and friends with Germany. We even think that that can make pretty good cars! And there's nothing a Guernseyman enjoys more than revving and racing a car along our open sands.... it's good to be free.

I've added my pics of the Liberation eve Autocross meeting to a new gallery here: