Fresh air and sea makes a change.....

05th July 2014

After a week of editing Chaos Festival pics it was a nice change to get some fresh air out on Richard Turk Vaudin's boat.

Thanks again for the ride :-)

The occasion wasn't a holiday, honest. No it was strictly business, honest!

I was grateful for the chance to get out to one of the distant corners of the Guernsey Powerboat Association's race-course in what weren't perfect conditions for photography.

The boat was a perfect stable platform, however as is often the case we couldn't really get close enough to the action. Also the light was grey and dull.

But the show has to go on and I captured around one hundred and fifty action pics.

It was also interesting to share the boat with three other photographers. The fact that we were all confined to the same three metre square area and we all saw the same action it will offer an interesting opportunity to compare our results... we all have our own style of shooting.

I've uploaded my edit of the race. Check the pics here: