Fresh air, just what the Doctor ordered!

01st December 2014

The fresh air in Petit Bot valley was the perfect antidote to the hang-overs that were the result of a late night/early morning at the annual Guernsey Motor Cycle and Car Club Dinner Dance.

The usual venue of St Pierre Park Hotel was packed for this years customary celebration of the Club's packed calendar of Motorsport competitions.

You only had to look at the amount of Silverware on show (that's not the sort the ladies like to adorn themselves with) to see how busy the year has been.

Of course the Silverware was in the form that Racers love - the Cup & Trophy kind!

There were competitors from all the Club's Classes of Motorsport collecting the reward of their endevours. Every Class from Autotests, Trials, Hillclimbing, Sandracing, Grasstrack racing and Sprints had a bit of 'bling' on the table. If you've never attended one of these nights, take it from me, there had been a LOT of Silver polishing done:-)

So, to get back to my original point. This annual 'do' is the perfect chance for many competitors to let their hair down - maybe not you Tom Scott ;-)

But Tom was one of the riders to benefit from the therapeutic fresh air at today's Trials and from what I saw he was bang on form.

You have to hate how well the youngsters can recover from a heavy night. Sadly those days are long gone for me :-(

I've added a new Trials Gallery featuring today's competition: