Fun, fun, fun all the way....

18th May 2014

Always entertaining... but maybe the 2014 Autocross Club Fun Meeting was the best ever? There was a fantastic turn-out of cars & spectators. The weather was a special bonus :-)

If I had one disappointment it had to be that the jump wasn't used very much. I'm guessing that a 'racer is always a racer', even when doing it for fun! Why risk losing a place when taking the jump?

Shame, it can make a great pic!

But there is no argument that Chouet Beach on a sunny Sunday surrounded by maniacs driving old Bangers is a pretty exhilarating place to be.... mind your back mister.... they come at you from all directions!

I've added a new gallery of pics. Don't forget you can get any pic from as little as £4 - bargain :-) The digital file is bigger than this web-site displays, you don't have that horrible watermark... and you can sleep at night knowing you haven't nicked your pic from this photog, win, win, win.

I also promise that all funds received will be invested in Real Ale ;-)