Gimme, gimme, gimme.... speed

04th August 2013

If you want to keep me happy there is one easy way.

Let me bring my 'big guns' out and present me with a couple of days of fast Motor Sport action.

I'm not even too fussy what it is... as long as it is noisy, a bit dangerous - and fast.

So last weekend ticked all the boxes for me. Even the sun shone most of the time!

A couple of my 'big guns' made an appearance too. One of my most used lenses is the versatile Nikon 200-400mm f.4 zoom. This is a great lens for action photography as somehow you can never get close enough. This is especially the case when photographing Powerboat racing.

However it was the powerboat racing that gave me the excuse to mount my biggest gun - the amazing Nikon 400mm f2.8 - on to the Nikon D4. But even this didn't do the job when shooting full frame from the shore so I added a 1.7 times extender... 680mm, that'll do nicely ;-)

Using the bigger lenses has made my new years resolution of joining a gym well justified as it is quite a work-out swinging those monsters around. I reckon I can miss next weeks sessions after the last two days work-out :-)

Saturday saw a near perfect mix of Motor Sport with the Guernsey Kart & Motor Club running a Hill Climb at Le Val des Terres. Perfect conditions produced a hand-full of new records and my MSA Accreditation allowed me to get really close to the action... almost a bit too close when Ian Shorto clouted the bank on the last corner and headed my way... I got the shot though! I popped away from the hill for an hour or so to photograph the Powerboats and 'drink in' the beautiful drone of Dave Corbet's V8 Diablo's engine... mmmm.

I've been busy editing the two days pics and they are now on-line: