Green Lions are Kings of Footes Lane...

15th April 2013

Today the Guernsey FC Green Lions showed that they will fight till the end as they achieved a win over Raynes Park Vale in the last minutes of a very competitive game.

The lead was swapped during the game as each team pressed forward but in the end it was the Guernsey sides persistence that paid off when they forced an own goal right on the full time whistle which gave them a 4 - 3 win.

Local legend Matt 'Le God' Tissier was in attendance and warmed up on the pitch before the game but didn't sit on the bench on this occasion. Matt's appearance in the Green Lions kit hasn't been ruled out for some time in the season.

Perhaps the only disappointment was the cancellation of another game when the fixture against Farnham Town had to be postponed on Saturday due to the waterlogged pitch. Whilst this gave the players a days rest they will now have to find a space in their already packed backlog of games.

But that concern is for another day. Today the Green Lions can relax and enjoy a great win.

I have added a Gallery of pics featuring some of the action: