Greenman Chaos 2015... not a bit of it!

01st July 2015

If you could charge a Bike & Music Festival with the Trade Descriptions Act then the Greenman MCC 'CHAOS BIKE & MUSIC FESTIVAL' would soon be having their day in court.

The problem is that the word 'CHAOS' in the title really fails to hit the spot.

Given the literal interpretation you would be forgiven to expect mayhem, trouble, bad attitude, intimidation... where would you stop? CHAOS in fact!

But as I have stated many times before, this Festival is everything opposite to the above. The only thing you need to worry about when you attend is that you will need to pace yourself... you wouldn't want to peak too soon as there is so much fun going on... so many bands to see... so much beer to drink.

I've photographed the event many times now and my Galleries should give you a great idea what goes on.

I've begun the updates for 2015... there's more to come yet too :-)

First updates are for bands Stormbringer, Robert J Hunter, Demise of Sanity, Buffalo Huddleston, Citizen-X and Fly Casual.

Click the link to see how the Greenman Chaos Festival doesn't do what it says on the tin :-)