Guernsey celebrates 70 years of freedom.....

10th May 2015

That was a day to remember... Liberation Guernsey 2015, fantastic!

The day was promoted as a day to celebrate and remember 70 years of freedom and it is likely to be the last one in the current form... but what a way to go out!

With fewer and fewer guernsey residents having personal memories of the liberation of the Island after the occupation during WW2 our national holiday on May 9th will probably be 're-invented' in future years. So this, perhaps, is why the 'Guerns' were out in such huge numbers and with such party spirits all around St Peter Port on Saturday.

The atmosphere was infectious which is just as well because I had a VERY long day working all around the event. The energy and enthusiasm of the crowd kept me going :-)

I was commissioned by the States of Guernsey (together with Chris George) to capture the days colour and atmosphere. I also worked for the Guernsey Press.

This meant me putting in a 21 hour day and my iPhone App recorded a total mileage walked of 14.9 miles... not bad to say that was all done between Market Square and North Beach car-park!! My aching bones and blisters didn't need an App to remind me of the mileage covered!

Now is the time to take a seat to work on the edit of the long days work. I've made a start and the first gallery is now online. This features some of the day-time spectacle. I will be adding another gallery featuring the night-time bands shortly.

Follow the link to view the Liberation Guernsey pics: