Guernsey FC takes a bashing... but there's always a positive

04th February 2017

Footes Lane was again the scene of Guernsey FC's pain and suffering on Saturday afternoon.

The team played another match in their Ryman Football League campaign that has been short on success for a while. This time they lost 0-3 to Ramsgate.

I've listened to many fans commenting on the positive and negative effect that this higher level of competition is having on the whole local football scene.

I'm certainly the last person who should try and comment on this as I have very little knowledge on those matters.

But I will make one observation. That is that every time I photograph a Guernsey FC match I'm always impressed by the level of passionate support given to the team - win or loose. This takes the form of the usual shouting and banter towards the opposition and officials in true football crowd tradition.

However, on Saturday, at the end of the game the crowd stood to applaud both teams... maybe even the officials... as they left the pitch. This is how participation in sports should be enjoyed.

People come together to share an experience and go home entertained - if not always fulfilled! This illustrates the benefit that sport brings to a community.

Over the weekend the Footes Lane sports complex was a hive of activity with the Hockey and Rugby pitches also hosting games. Never let anyone say that there's a shortage of things to see and do in Guernsey.

My Guernsey FC v Ramsgate pics are now online: