Guernsey has a clear win at Sprint meetings.....

19th June 2016

I've been able to make an interesting comparison over the last two weekends. This was between the equivalent Jersey & Guernsey Sprint meetings.

It was the Jersey version that I photographed first. This was purely by chance as I only found out that it was on after picking up my media pass for Jersey Folklore Festival. The Jersey Sprint happens to be run just along the road from the Festival site.

I knew as soon as I came across the closed road what was likely to be happening and naturally I didn't want to miss the chance to photograph the event for the first time. Luckily for me the Clerk of the Course recognized me as an Accredited MSA photographer and I was allowed access on to the course. :-) Thanks.

I enjoyed a couple of hours shooting and came away with two impressions.

Firstly, the access given to the public in Jersey is so distant that they really can't get a 'feel' for the speed of competitors. Maybe that accounts for the low number of spectators there?

Secondly, there was a very small number of competitors. These were predominantly bikes. Where were the cars? The cars that did race were mostly road cars! :-(

So it was easy to make a comparison to the Guernsey Kart & Motor Club's Sprint just a week later.

Immediately it was obvious that there was a lot more interesting 'kit' on show. Everything from an exotic McLaren 675 LT to Dallara single seaters to custom-made Sprint Honda Fireblades to Mallocks and Westfields.... and lots of bikes too!

Then the other dramatic difference was the proximity that spectators are able to get to the 100mph+ racers. In Guernsey it is maybe three meters... Jersey perhaps twenty?

It makes a huge difference when you can literally feel the turbulence from a racing car as it punches its way through the air on a fast run. You also hear and 'feel' the noise. That's what Motorsport is all about :-)

So in this case I think it is a clear win for Guernsey ;-)

I've just added pics of the GK&MC Sprint to my Galleries. This is the first up as I needed to complete an edit for the Guernsey Press. My pics of the Jersey Sprint will follow....


The Gallery featuring the Jersey Motor Cycle & Light Car Club Sprint has now been added. Check-out the pics here: