Guernsey Motor Cycle & Car Club 2-Day Bike Trials...

27th February 2011

Apart from a few heavy showers the weather was as good as you could expect for late February in Guernsey and this encouraged a good number of spectators onto the various sections to enjoy watching a sizable entry for the GMC&CC 2-Day Trials meeting.
Guernsey welcomed many competitors from Jersey, France and top UK rider Steve Saunders who was at home on some of the muddy sections.
I was able to photograph several sections during the two days and I have updated a Gallery with pictures.
I think I have photographed most of the riders although I did struggle to be in 'the right place at the right time' - particulaly for the top riders.
This is always a problem when there are so many sections as I like to move around to vary the 'look' of the pics. I seemed to just miss the Red section riders for a whole morning! All good fun though.
I hope you enjoy viewing the Galleries... please e-mail any comments.