Guernseymen show they can mix it with the very best.....

17th July 2016

Rounds 21 and 22 of the Avon Tyres - TTC Group 43rd Guernsey National Hillclimb Championship were held at Le Val des Terres on 16th July 2016 in what was the first true heatwave of the year.

After the multiple new records in Jersey just a couple of days earlier hopes were high for the Guernsey rounds but maybe the conditions were just a bit too 'good' as the cars don't reach their highest performance in such heat. This could well be why the outright record wasn't lowered this year... although it was close.

The highlight for all Guernsey motorsport fans was when Darren Warwick took an impressive second place in both run offs achieving a PB along the way. His performance was enjoyed by a large crowd of spectators who also had the chance to support the other local drivers who made the top twelve cut.

Each one of these competitors put in fantastic performances to go head to head with the very best drivers and cars on the National Hillclimb scene. So congratulations go to Darren Warwick, Nick Saunders, Chris Guille and Paul Le Messurier... you raised the Guernsey flag and once again made a local mark on this competitive championship.

I've added galleries featuring all the action and a few extra pics of the people and podiums.

Click on this link to take a look at all the pics...