Half full or Half empty?

22nd November 2017

Half full or Half empty?

Maybe the question should be more like 'Half complete of Half incomplete?'

That would be more accurate when referring to the latest Gallery update featuring the Guernsey Dinner Boxing Club's latest fight night pics.

You see, I've only managed to find time to process 5 out of the 10 Bouts so far!

I must reveal now that I'm an optimist by nature. I always consider my glass of beer to be half full... although that state never lasts long. Never worked that out!

So, optimistically' I'm pleased to announce that the Dinner Boxing Gallery is half complete... which means I've still got a few hours to go to finally sign off the job. A full glass of beer will aid the conclusion :-)

These Bouts are now online:
BOUT-10 Billy Poullain v Jamie Way
BOUT-9 Henrique Jesus v Tyler Stretch
BOUT-8 Jimmy Lesbirel v Stephen Phillips
BOUT-7 Rhys Jordan v Brandon Jones
BOUT-6 Harry Bertram v Dale Johns

For now the first pics are here. They will be followed by the rest as soon as I have time. This may not be until next week as I'm stacked out with work at the moment:

UPDATE: All bouts have now been added to the gallery.

BOUT-5 Cris Rodrigues v Luke Phillips
BOUT-4 Niall Adams v Ricky Wheatly
BOUT-3 Charlie Watson v Hamza Pervez
BOUT-2 Rory Sullivan v Billy Johnson
BOUT-1 Luke Roberts v Kaci Joseph