Happy days, but nothing lasts forever :-(

18th October 2013

What am I to do? I'm deeply depressed.

More to the point. What is the Guernsey Music scene going to do in the future?

I refer to the effect that the imminent departure of Steve 'Lynchburg' Lynch from our Island shores is going to have on so many bands. I've already wished him well in the future... but it was through clenched teeth!!

How can I (or any local followers of the music scene) be happy to see Lynchy leave. There will be a hole in too many bands to mention.

Will the scene survive? Off course it will, but it won't be the same.

I have been looking at some of the MANY pics that I have taken of Lynchy over several years. He has been a familiar face in some of my all-time favourite bands. Perhaps my very favourite band was one of his newest projects that had barely come out of its gestation period... and it is already a-gonna :-(

I'm talking about HEAVE. What a great, tight, heavy and menacing duo that was. Just how I like it!

But life moves on and we still have the memories. You could never accuse Mr Lynch of hanging around and not evolving. This was manifested in his many bands. Interestingly I was reminded that he has also re-invented his hair style and facial hair on a very regular basis. I have the pics to prove it!

Talking about memories, it is a shame then that mine has let me down. I was at the Fermain Tavern a few weeks ago at the Teaspoonriverneck farewell gig. It was one of their greatest. I took pictures. I forgot to upload them!

Thanks Lynchy for the reminder. I wish you the very best in your future... and I really mean it, grrrr :-(
.... and a link to a few pics of Heave