Have I been suckered? What do you think?

29th June 2015

I have a feeling that my mate and fellow photographer Mike Brehaut might have pulled off the ultimate hack of my web-site!

It seems a bit of an extreme and painful thing to go through but wow, what a result!

I'm talking about the crash that Mike had right in front of me at the Reservoir Speed Event... the perfect spot for me to get a few pics :-)

Of course I was eager to add the action to my web-site and the interest has been quite amazing. The stats show that his gallery of crash pics has had over 4,000 views since yesterday. That number amounts to 24% of todays total views.

So what do you reckon?

My mate Mike seems to be gaining new fans by using my web-site to get noticed! He's a clever guy :-)

Am I getting paranoid? What do you think?


By the way, I've now added the rest of my pics from the Speed Event including Cars, Karts & Bikes: