Headline news at the latest Autocross meeting....

26th October 2015

When Ozzy Ozanne is beaten in a straight fight on the sands of Chouet beach it is the stuff that makes headlines!

Ozzy is a multiple champion and seems to be almost unbeatable.

The multi-champ combines his talent for beach racing with a knack of selecting and preparing fast, competitive and reliable cars.

There is no doubt that Ozzy has earnt his championships and it is not for him to slow down but for his competitors to raise their own game to his level.

Well, just maybe, we have the first signs that there is a driver and car combination that can challenge Ozzy?

Tony Le Prevost has found himself a four-wheel-drive Subaru that is clearly fast enough as he took the top spot in Sunday's Race of Firsts - well ahead of Ozzy.

As a spectator this is great news. I think we will see some great racing for the rest of the season. I recommend that you make a diary date for 15th November when the fight continues.

My pics are now on-line: