Here they are... Vale Earth Fair pictures are now online...

13th September 2011

It might have taken over two weeks - but if you are patient I do eventually catch up!
I really don't know where the time goes... but it certainly flies by and I continue to bring the Galleries up-to-date.
Several of the Bands who played at the resurrected Vale Earth Fair have been chasing me for the latest pics - so here they are ;-)
This popular Festival was sadly missed in 2010 but returned in 2011 with a strong line-up. I have now added picture Galleries featuring many Bands.
Featured on the Castle stage are: Concrete Diso, Senser, Royal Gala, Inner Terrestrials, Tantale, Hikoikoi, Falenizza Horsepower, Big Sheep and Ukuladies!.
Featured on the new Bangorang stage are: Aurora, Krossbow, Little Rock Gypsies, Bright Lights, Hippie Picnic, The Stowaways, Dealer's Left and Danny G.
I now have nearly twelve months to catch-up before the next VEF, phweew!
Take a look at the Galleries here: