High tension for this sports photographer....

23rd May 2018

The 2018 Rossborough FA Cup Final at The Track was set for a 19:30 Kick Off. The qualifying teams were Rovers and Vale Rec. The scene was set for a competitive game.

My fear was that the score might be level at full time... an even worse scenario would be the addition of a penalty shoot-out after extra time!

Now it wasn't that I wanted to deny the fans their monies worth of action, tension and enjoyment. No, it was just that I had a very tight deadline to submit my pics for the early morning print of the Guernsey Press.

In fact, even if the game was concluded in normal time it was tight.

So I was as tense as any of the supporters when it was still 1-1 with just seven minutes of play left. To my relief it was Vale Rec who broke the deadlock and eased the pressure a bit for this 'tog.

This meant that I left The Track at 21:35 (after photographing the presentation of the Cup). I then joined the queue of vehicles (very frustrating) leaving Victoria Avenue as I headed back to my office to complete a quick edit.

There was no time to waste making a selection of pics and once they were cropped, balanced and tagged they winged their way to the Picture Desk.

All in, the job was complete - presentation pics, travel, edit, tagging and submission in 37 minutes!

I deserved that glass of red wine... it helped me chill-out and I needed it!

My edit of Rossborough FA Cup pics can be viewed here: