Holiday! What's a holiday?

30th August 2016

A couple of days ago someone asked me where I've been on holiday.

This person had (logically) assumed that as I hadn't made any major updates to this website for around two weeks that I must be lying on a beach somewhere, beer in hand, not a care in the world.

If only!!

No, the lack of updates is for completely the opposite reason. I'm stacked with work at the moment.

Now if you were to ask my missus about this she would be quite happy and content. You see, if I'm dashing around on photoshoots I can't keep a check on how much time she is spending in the summer house reading on that new Kindle I bought her for her birthday.

Now I wouldn't want you to think that I'm disliking work at the moment. Far from it. I'm someone who will always find another thing to do rather than sit around... even on the beach!

But all this activity does cause a log-jam in my picture editing and web-site updates. I have just sorted out one though. The gallery features pics of the 2-Day Motocross meeting.

There are other updates on the way (Vale Earth Fair & Hillclimb) but they will have to await my return from photographing Jersey Live together with a couple of Commercial Tallpictures jobs whilst I'm over in our sister Isle.

I must also get around to writing a Blog to celebrate the 14 MILLIONTH viewing on this website... hopefully before the counter hits 15 MILLION ;-)

View the 2-Day Motocross pics here: