How can a sandwich be compared to the weather??

30th March 2016

My mind seems to go into weird mode when I'm hungry!

Sunday proved to be the ‘roast beef’ in the weather sandwich of the Easter weekend….

Or perhaps I should explain what I mean by that ;-)

Most of us would choose a couple of slices of succulent roast beef with a touch of horseradish in our sandwiches rather than lettuce and mayonnaise!

The same goes with the weather. Most of us prefer to stand around a motorsport event in the dry rather that get soaked in the rain.

So Sunday’s Autocross Championship was the dry ('meat in the sandwich') of the three-day Easter motorsport weekend…. Easter Saturday, rain. Easter Sunday, dry. Easter Monday, more rain.

I should add though, that sometimes it improves a beef sandwich if you slip in a lettuce leaf, a slice of tomato and a bit of seasoning. With that noted maybe the mixed weather we experienced on Easter Monday at the Hillclimb was the perfectly prepared snack?

Quite how I got the theme of this Blog into my head is beyond me!!

Maybe it’s because I’m writing it just before lunchtime and I have food on my mind? Who knows?

But now I’ve finished this update I fancy a nice round of beef sarnies! The question is do I want it with all the trimmings?

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