How do you brighten up a dull morning at Mont Cuet tip....

01st January 2016

I was asked to photograph the FNB Trustees Cross Country race for The Guernsey Press on News Years day.

The full-time 'togs were tied up having a New Years Day drink with the Baliff in the Royal Chambers... nice and warm and dry!

So it was this lowly photographer who obliged with the uncomfortable stuff :-)

Earlier in the morning I'd had a phone call from Sports Editor Rob Batiste who had seen the heavy rain and strong wind and he briefed me that he wanted me to head off to Mont Cuet tip with the idea of capturing runners, head down and battling against the rubbish weather in front of one of the ugliest backdrops in Guernsey.

Rubbish conditions in front of piles of Guernsey rubbish, get it?

So it was there that I waited half an hour for the first runners to appear in the handicapped cross country race.

But, right on cue, as the first competitors appeared in the distance the rain eased off, shame.

So I had to do my best to find an image of a runner grimacing against the wind.

This is where it got doubly difficult. As soon as the competitors caught a glimpse of my camera up came their chin, they straightened their back and even managed a smile!

Then I noticed a photo opportunity. It wasn't 'on brief' but I fancied it.

Superman came into view to save the day!

Previously I'd noticed a 'DANGER - KEEP OUT' sign on a fence so I quickly moved around hoping to capture Superman in the same frame as the sign. And I just managed.

This is the result. It made me laugh. I await to see if it made the Sports Editors selection for tomorrows back page....