How long can it take one photographer to complete one edit?

02nd February 2016

Well the question was 'How long can it take one photographer to complete one edit?'

The answer, when talking about this particular photog, is months.... and months!

Indeed, I was at real risk that the next annual shoot of one of my favorite events would come around again before I'd completed the 2015 edit. Shameful eh!

But in my defense I'll say that all those months that have passed have been full and busy. I'm certainly working more hours than I ever did when I had a 'proper job'. There was a lot happening in the middle of last year and I simply couldn't keep up.

So I'm relieved (even a bit proud, ha, ha) that.... drum roll please.... The 2015 Vale Earth Fair Picture Galleries are complete, Hurrah!

The Vale Earth Fair is the Channel Islands longest running, most friendly and laid back Music Festival.

Many things play a part in making the atmosphere so chilled... a list would include: The historic setting inside and around Vale Castle, the relaxed manner the organizers 'organize', the family friendly crowd... oh, and the fantastic line-up of bands!

Here's another hint why I love VEF CLICK HERE ;-)

These galleries should give you a feel for the vibe you get at Vale Earth Fairs. I highly recommend you add this Festival to your bucket list of things to do :-)

BTW I reckon that the 'Stage Against the Machine' was particularly good in 2015. Let me know what you thought of VEF 2015. See you in 2016.