How to Party non-stop for 30 years........

01st May 2017

Do you want a master class in how to organize a party?

Do you want to know who the experts in fun are?

Well I'll let you into the 'not so secret' formula!

You need to ask Guernsey's most popular band for dancing and partying to help you out.

During the last 30 years King Rat and the Soul Cats have been the masters of the party and they celebrated that milestone with a mega gig at Beau Sejour recently.

The word had spread that it was likely to be a lively event and the band definitely didn't disappoint. During the two sets King Rat and the Soul Cats performed many of their own songs together with the expected Motown classics.

It was a reminder that, in my opinion, nothing can replace a live band.

The Motown classics (as you would expect of such great songs) are often played by DJ's at dances and functions but they just lack that special something that a live performance has.

You could feel the love and happy memories in the haze of the Beau Sejour function room as we time-travelled back through thirty years of good times.

Thanks go to the band, the music and the loyal fans for a great night :-)