I didn't want to do it... but I'm pleased I did!

28th June 2016

Early on Saturday and Sunday morning as the sun rose over the misty airport I was very snugly tucked up in a sleeping bag in the back of my studio van parked in a clifftop field at Pleinmont.

Both the previous nights had been loud, heavy and just a little boozy. That's what the Greenman Chaos Festival is all about isn't it? Tradition has it that I stay on-site so I don't miss any part of the fun :-)

I had enjoyed a really good nights sleep when the phone alarm went off to remind me that two more rounds of the Stanley Gibbons GPA Powerboat Championship were about to start on the other side of the Island outside St Peter Port harbour.

If I'm honest, both mornings I just wanted to roll over for a few more hours recuperation but experience has shown me that once the sun rises the back of a black van becomes very hot very quickly... the comfort soon disappears!

So that was the motivation to get up, complete a few quick freshen-up tasks then head across the Island to photograph the Powerboat racing. Also it hadn't been missed that a couple of hours of fresh sea air would set me up for the return to Chaos later :-)

It was all worth the effort and I've just added two new Galleries of pictures displaying my time spent capturing the action... as the seaside breeze worked its wonders.