I feel I've been holding onto a Rocket ship....

12th September 2014

The last few days have felt like I've been holding onto the tail of a Rocket and being dragged along at an unstoppable pace! Hence my choice of this pic for the blog. Do you think it looks a bit like a rocket taking off?

I have logged only about twelve hours sleep in the last seventy-two as I juggle my photographic work between the Commercial and Elevated shoots and the fun that is photographing the UIM Class 3A & 3B World Offshore Championship 2014 being organised by the Guernsey Powerboat Association.

The Rocket ship feeling isn't too far from the truth as I spent the first race of the championship actually airborne! I was asked to capture the Powerboat action from a helicopter and it was a fantastic experience... I think the shots are pretty good too (thank goodness)!

Of course the capture of the pics is just the start to the job. The edit has to follow. You do need to shoot more pics than normal when photographing Powerboat racing (especially when using long lenses - 400mm to 600mm) as it is sometimes hard to time the shot when the boat (or helicopter) you are on is rocking wildly.

The shooting goes something like this.... sky, sea, sea, sky, boat, sky, sea, half a boat, sea... etc, etc.

So the challenge for me after the helicopter shoot was to do a very quick edit of around a thousand pics down to four hundred all in time to get to the Royal Guernsey Yacht Club to run a slide show for the racers during their evening Hog-roast.

I managed to get this sorted as I've done this type of quick edit on many occasions. For several years I have provided a slide show of the days best action for the British Sand Ace Championship and the British National Hillclimbs. Submitting work for publication has also helped me to learn how to work under the pressure of time.

However, it is always the day after that the fatigue sets in as the adrenaline is no longer running high.

But it is worth all the effort. The response to my Powerboat slide show was amazing and it is rewarding enough to be able to support the huge effort that the Guernsey Powerboat Association has put in to bring World Championship Powerboat racing back to Guernsey.

I am now looking ahead to Race two and the whole thing starting again... but this time I wont be in a helicopter... shame, I could definitely get used to that!

My action pics of Race-1 of the UIM Class3A &3B World Powerboat Offshore Championship 2014 are now on-line: