I get to remember Jersey Live 2013 for a second time....

06th September 2013

All the regulars who support Jersey Live every year have now returned to their day jobs, schools and the routine of normal life.

As much as we would like the 'good times' the Festival season brings to on for a bit longer, its a fact that our usual week is a rather mundane affair in comparison.

But for me 'the day job' allows me to re-live and remember the days that were spent working on the Festival sites (and there have been a few this year). That's one of the nice things about being a Music photog :-)

I've now spent two days editing the pics from Jersey Live's 10th Anniversary Festival and I am loving some of the moments I captured. The pictures taken on the Saturday are already on-line. The Sunday's pics have been edited and just await the tagging and the addition of new galleries on this web site... won't be long now.

You to can enjoy Jersey Live for a second time by viewing the pics, it'll help you get through the mundane return to routine :-)