I have a Eureka moment..........

27th May 2015

We all love a Eureka moment... well make sure you catch a gig by Eureka Machines if you ever have the chance. They played a storming set at The Fermain Tavern in Guernsey and they are now on my 'must see again' list!

It seems a Bank Holiday Sunday evening is a risky time to put on a gig as the turn-out wasn't that good. Logic would tell you that gig-goers would take full advantage of seeing another visiting band with the luxury of having the Bank Holiday Monday to recover on if things got a bit heavy. But you can never second guess these things :-(

Those faithful few who turned out for the Eureka Machines gig at the Fermain Tavern were in for a real treat as this band kept the crowd entertained in memorable style. I will not miss Eureka Machines if they ever return to Guernsey... I recommend them to you.

Pics are now on-line: