I have found a new type of action to photograph..... but am I man enough?

06th July 2012

It is simply a coincidence that for two weekends following I will be photographing different (and violent) action sports.
These sports are for real men!
I guess that for many of you (just like me) your experience of Boxing or any form of fighting and Martial Arts has been via the TV. How very comfortable :-)
Only in the live environment do you get a true experience of the energy and power that these athletes exert during a fight. When you have access to the ring-side to take pics you are left in no doubt that it takes a brave man to step forward into the ring.
I'm fortunate to be asked to photograph many different events and the special access enables me to capture some of the dynamics of each sport. I'm there to do a job and these new challenges are what keeps my interest in photography alive.

As you will see from this Blog, last weekend it was the Amalgamated Boys Club Open Air Boxing. This weekend it will be the Full Boar Motorcycle Club's Lock-in Cage Fighting at Beau Sejour. The event is sold out with 800 eager followers wanting to experience the first Cage Fight promoted on Guernsey.
I will be ring-side taking pics of the action. The new challenges of shooting through a wire mesh and standing at the top of a 15 foot ladder leaning against the shaking cage are exactly the things that keep my photography exciting!
Never a boring moment, eh?
Check back next week to see how I managed.