I haven't been away, honest!

24th January 2015

I've just realised that I haven't been updating this Blog for a few days.

That doesn't mean that I haven't been working though, far from it!

The last ten days have been non-stop photo action. (Actually, maybe not all 'action'). Read on.

My 'normal' week of work... if there is such a thing, will usually include a little Commercial photography (I have to pay the bills), then probably a bit of Motorsport work and, of course a gig or two.

Well all the regular stuff has been happening as normal. However, on top of that work I have completed quite a few assignments for the Guernsey Press... and I have loved it.

The thing about working as a freelance for a small 'regional' Newspaper is that you don't know where you will be sent next.

This unpredictable work may not suit everyone but if you are a 'people person' like me it can be very fullfillng and as an ex-retailer I have grown up dealing with people so maybe the life of a photo journalist was my missed opportunity?

This is a short list of some of my 'extra' photoshoots that have been completed this week...

  • Photograph the launch evening of the Specsavers Youth Games (including Dame Mary Perkins).
  • Take pics (by chance) of the Fire Service using a turn-table ladder to help Police access a rooftop crime scene.
  • Take pics of the Indoor Cricket action at the ICC.
  • Capture a few pics of the Indoor Bowls at the indoor centre.
  • Photograph Netball action at the Grammar School.
  • Take a few pics of the Guernsey WI playing darts at KGV (this was much more fun than you could imagine!)
  • Then there was the Basketball at Beau Sejour... fast action under poor lighting.
  • Of course there was some Motorsport photography... this week it was the Motocross Championship.
  • This was followed by a football (night shoot) at an even worse-lit venue, Northfield for North v Saints.
  • Then finally today I returned to KGV for an evening game of junior football on the new all-weather pitch between Guernsey College Football Academy v Grammar School.

...and there we have it. Quite a busy few days!

I'll add a small mix of this work to the Gallery in the next few days.

For now, here is a link to the first Motocross pics: