I haven't laughed so much in ages... read on to find out why

19th April 2017

A Bank Holiday Monday usually means Motorsport :-)

So why break the habit!

The first GMC&CC Hillclimb of 2017 was held at Le Val des Terres on Monday.

I was on the hill taking pics (between doing a bit of gardening and deadheading the daffodils)!

What am I on about I hear you say?

Well I've learnt to be fussy about the scene in front of me (before taking a single picture). Experience has shown me that spending five minutes tidying up the area that I will use as a setting for my subject can save me hours of cloning out litter, stray branches, leaves... etc, etc.

I've even been known to carry a pair of pruning shears in my kit. Yes I really am that fussy!

I often have the piss taken out of me (excuse the language) when people see me fiddling with a few blades of grass that are in the wrong place.

But last weekend the humour hit a new height... and I love it. Adrian 'Attenborough' Gabriel was sitting at his mid-hill commentators post when he saw me preparing for the next run of competitors up the hill.

I was unaware that he had started to video me as I concentrated on setting up the scene. It turns out that Guernsey's version of the famous wildlife observer is also a talented narrator as he added a fitting commentary to his work which (I'm embarrassed to say) is spot on!!

Check out Adrian Gabriel's video... there's a link on my Facebook page.
It certainly made me laugh - a lot! I hope it has the same effect on you :-)

Meanwhile, I've now finished updating my picture galleries of the days Hillclimbing - complete with deadheaded daffs :-)