I love technology... especially when it just works :-)

02nd November 2014

I do love technology. It's just a shame that I find some of the new stuff a bit confusing... it's an age thing :-(

But every now and then I discover something that is really useful and amazing at the same time. If you've seen it all before then sorry if I'm about to bore you!

What I am referring to is the technology that I am using to type this Blog. I am in-putting this text on my Apple iPad using the web-site Admin system for my web-site. Nothing special there I hear you say.

However that Admin program is actually running on my main computer, a computer running Microsoft Windows 8. The remote Windows computer is using Firefox to access the web-site admin.... all directly form my iPad!

Oh and I forgot to mention that I'm not even in the same building as the office computer... thanks to the Internet :-)

*Just for your information*
These updates were completed whilst I was working from my 'Town Office'..... the Cock & Bull pub. Now that's worth two smiley's :-) ;-)

So all these different systems are somehow talking to each other for me. I even completed the edit of today's pics remotely. In fact I can operate all my Windows programs directly on my iPad. I'm impressed! Photoshop anyone? Or how about Lightroom?

There is just one thing left to do... now to upload this Blog.

If you are reading it then you know it all works :-)

Today's pics feature the GMC&CC Trials at Portelet. Click the link to view them: