I make another Festival find......

27th August 2014

The annual Vale Earth Fair music festival is one of my favourite events of the year. It holds the deserved honour of being the longest running festival in the Channel Islands.

That sort of record isn't achieved by luck. Many things have to come together to keep up the momentum. A HUGE amount of hard work has to be put in way before the Vale Castle gates open for the traditional Sunday in August.

I'm pleased to say that the Vale Earth Fair Collective are continuing to find the energy, incentive and enough new helpers to enable the show to go on :-)

As a committed and regular Earth Fair attendee I truly love the ethos behind this genuinely eco-friendly festival and its commitment to support several charities including Bridge 2 Haiti and the long term supported Burma Campaign UK and Free Tibet.

So you will see that I cannot give greater praise for the Vale Earth Fair Collective.

All this would be enough even if the music line-up was just average.

But no, you can always be assured that the hand-picked line-up is high class and often features a band or two that are real 'finds'.

This leads me to my real point of this blog. One of the pleasures of visiting a festival is when you discover a band that wasn't known to you before.

I found just such a band this year and they are called Dead Sea Skulls. I have had their music on replay for more than a day and I love their sound. I've also had the opportunity, thanks to the Vale Earth Fair, to see the band play live which gives a much better idea of the energy they project.

So there we have it. This is why music lovers love festivals... When you see a band live you start to really get what they are about. Check out the Dead Sea Skulls and see if they do it for you.

I'm now off to photograph Jersey Live. This is a regular visit for me and I know that I will return with a few new finds. Love it.

Keep music live, support your local festivals :-)

I've only managed to add a few galleries so far which feature Vale Earth Fair headliners Freestylers, The Mouse Outfit, Attila the Stockbrocker's Barnstormers and of course Dead Sea Skulls: