I ramble on and on....... but I do have a point to make :-)

08th October 2012

It's now quite a few years ago that I had a revelation. I had a pint in my hand (I was in a pub) so nothing unusual there then :-)

I was listening to a Band - again nothing different there either. I have followed live music since a young teenager. Lets say a good few decades!

What struck me as I downed the second pint was that I was missing a trick here.

As already stated, I watch a lot of gigs. I am also a professional photographer. There had to be a place that these two interests could meet. So it was there that my exhaustive coverage of all things musical began. Since that awakening I have developed a huge portfolio of pictures that record 'the moment in time'.

I think many of us enjoy looking back through old photographs from our youth. They trigger many memories of past times. Who knows, maybe my pics will evoke similar feelings in a decades time?

I am always thrilled by the interest shown in my work and have had the privilege of hanging a selection of framed live music prints in the legendary Fermain Tavern.

So what started me on this ramble?

Well I have just photographed Tantale's launch of their first Album 'The Known Elements'. The party was at The Fermain Tavern, where else? And it was packed out!

So, if you have stuck with me till here, I will explain where I am going with this.

We all have moments and experiences that mean something special to us as individuals. Many, many pictures are taken to help us recall those happy times. But the problem with live music (particulaly when the songs are originals) is that when the performance is over.... it is gone. If you are like me, by the time your head hits the pillow your recollection is of the great vibes of a gig but the songs pass on.

This is why I really love it when a Band makes a record (literally) of some of their work. We have an opportunity to then re-play the songs, to take in the finer points, to listen to the lyrics. Tantale have produced a terrific new Album which can only swell their fan-base and writes another musical chapter into our memory.

Hopefully my pictures will play a small part in the chronicaling of our music scene. Pictures of the Album launch party are now on-line: