I was at the Hillclimb with my very own 'speed machines'....

04th May 2016

It wasn't only the racers who had new kit to play with on Bank Holiday Monday at Le Val des Terres.... read on :-)

I also had a few things to tune up and learn about. I was trying to explore the improved performance on offer too!

As a Nikon Professional Services (NPS) registered photographer I have a chance to 'jump the queue' and get delivery of new bodies and lenses from the first delivery made :-)

In this case the smillie face = a very happy chappie!

So, after a couple of special deliveries, I was off to the first Hillclimb I'd shot with the latest combination of a Nikon D5, a Nikon D500 and the 200-500 zoom lens.

I can only say that I was very impressed!

Whilst it appears that the sensor technology isn't improving that much with each update - in fact maybe taking a step back in some parameters - there is a sense of 'maturity' in the design and handling of these two new bodies. For example the addition of a dedicated ISO button... a tiny change but ever so useful. :-) That deserves another smillie!

The headline new feature that Nikon has developed has to be the new Autofocus system that is used on both the D5 and D500. Whilst I'm still learning how to make the best of it I think it shows a real step forward.

One other thing that I hadn't expected was the difference there is between shooting a full-frame D5 and the 'cropped' sensor on the D500. I hadn't used an APS-C format camera since the D300 which I sold several years ago. The focus point coverage on the 'C' sensor is almost edge to edge... very useful.

But perhaps the most surprising thing I noticed when editing the shoot was how much easier and more 'forgiving' the cropped sensor is when it comes to your shooting technique. Full frame exposes poor technique much quicker.... is that why we pro's like it so much. We like to make things difficult for ourselves, don't we!

I'll expand on what I mean by the 'less forgiving full-frame' in a review when I will compare my Nikon D5 to the Nikon D500. Check back later if you are interested. A Blog will be added as soon as I've worked on a wider variety of shoots including more low-light gigs.

For now though, you can check-out the complete Hillclimb gallery of pics here: