I was off To the Woods last weekend...

12th February 2015

Guernsey has many 'un-sung' musical heroes. These are the guys & gals who just do what they do because they love it!

That is enough for them. They get to play the occasional gig and write their own material... but the fact is that has to be enough.

Now that comment isn't meant as a 'put-down' in any way. In fact the small gig is the very back-bone behind the whole music scene... right up to the most famous bands. They all started somewhere you know.

However because of personal circumstances most bands will never hit the big-time.

Last weekend we were able to experience the 'reality' of what it takes to try and make the break into the big spotlight.

Electric Shakes played at the Fermain Tavern. The band is fronted by a local hero, Steve Lynch. Steve has played in many, many bands. He has a great back-catalogue of original songs and is recognised as a special talent in Guernsey.

But that was never going to be enough if your ambition is to make a name for yourself.

So Steve moved to the Mainland, found a couple of guys on the same wavelength and has already started to get noticed with his new band, Electric Shakes. I say good luck to them.

Having said all the above, the grass-roots scene is always around to support and last weekend the head-liners were supported by two lively, original bands who did a great job of keeping the local music scene alive and relevant.

The support was To the Woods & Lifejacket. I took a few pics....as I do ;-)