I was suprised... then there was no suprise :-(

21st May 2017

It was a night of surprise and not!

Saturday saw the launch gig of the new Static Alice EP ‘Warrior’ at the Fermain Tavern… a bit more about that in a minute.

I’ll start by mentioning one of the supporting bands.

Somehow I had missed seeing this band before. Maybe because, as I get older and lack the youthful stamina, I sometimes miss the early support bands as I arrive a little late at gigs. A man of my age has to pace himself you know!!

Whatever the reason, this was the first time I’d seen a new (for me) young band called Track Not Found… and they impressed me. When you take a look at my pics you will see that the three guys in the line-up are girls! :-)

Don’t let this leave you with an impression on their music choices. This band is grungy and heavy. They already have a strong set of originals and have developed a tight and promising live performance. This was the surprise that I mentioned before. Track Not Found did more than enough to get me to their next gig early to make sure I see them again. You must keep an eye out for them too.

The other surprise of the night… but it wasn’t really… was that there were so few ‘punters’ out on Saturday to catch the launch gig of Static Alice’s new EP ‘Warrior’. Static Alice command a large following of fans in Guernsey. They always ‘produce the goods’ at gigs with their charismatic, high energy live performances of original songs. They really are one of the most memorable bands on the Guernsey scene at the moment.

So why didn’t their fan base turn out to support Static Alice in greater numbers on Saturday?

As I suggested earlier, this was a surprise… but not, if that makes any sense!

Regular gig-goers have seen it all before and I guess that nothing will ever change. However, at least (in one way) I hope things don’t change.

What I mean by that comment is this. I hope bands aren’t put off arranging gigs when their efforts go so unrewarded. I would hate to lose the chance to see live music played in Guernsey just because of the apathy shown by so many.

If you’re still interested, Static Alice didn’t let the lack of people affect them in the slightest. They are in the game (originally) because of their love of live music. They stepped up to the mic’s and didn’t lower the energy level until the last song. Well done guys.

Oh, and ‘Warrior’ is fantastic. Make sure you buy a download. We need to support our local talent… even if you can’t be bothered to attend gigs.

There is one more point that makes the lack of punters even harder to understand. The other supporting band was Honest Crooks who have a large fan base of their own – making things even stranger!!

You can view pics of the bands here: