I'd love to say it was enjoyable... but I'd be lying

13th February 2013

If you had an invitation to spend a morning on the beach (instead of having the missus make you tick a few more jobs off your list of to-do's) I guess you would take the beach option?

Well this is what I thought too. That is before I spent time on Chouet beach last Sunday. It was Round-7 of the Guernsey Autocross Club's Winter Championship. The problem was the weather and the fact that I had failed to dress for what was about to come!

The racing started off in reasonable conditions. OK, it was dull and there was a bit of moisture in the air. But I could handle that. Then things turned for the worse, much worse.
After the interval the heavens opened, big time, and I found myself sadly lacking in the waterproofing department - at least on my lower half. Needless to say I got saturated. This was all the excuse I needed to head for home, a shower, a Sherry a tasty roast dinner with a glass or two of red wine.

What would've you done?


I did get a few pics before I ran for cover though.