If there's live music, I'll find it.....

11th October 2013

I'm sure I have a sixth sense....

I have always had it, I think. It is my love of live music that drives this extra 'sense' as I seem to instinctively find the venue that has a band or two playing, where-ever I am!

If you are a regular visitor to this web site you must agree that I do attend a LOT of gigs. There is something special about the energy I get from a live performance.

It was whilst spending a few days in Alderney photographing the Hill Climb and Sprints that I found a really talented duo playing at the Harbour Lights. The two multi-talented musicians/singers were getting a great response from the crowd and an Alderney style party was kicking off.

Needless to say I had a camera with me so I took the chance to capture a few pics.

Oh, and the name of the duo... Issimo Music. They are well worth keeping an eye out for. Believe me, I have a sixth sense :-)