I'll give 'em five Michelin Stars..........

03rd July 2014

A Master Class in Festival stage lighting and performance...

That about sums it up!

When all the necessary ingredients come together you have to have high hopes that the finished dish will be tasty!

The Greenman Chaos main stage dished up a culinary delight when Saturday's head-liners took to the main stage.

Now I am on record as saying that I'm not the greatest Metal fan (sorry guys). However, when I manage to keep my tongue out of my cheek for long enough to take a few pics, I have never been disappointed by my shots of the local self appointed heroes of Metal.... Nemesis.

These guys know how to command a stage. Some may consider them a 'Marmite Band'.... but you cannot challenge that they offer generous portions of entertainment.

Too many Bands don't understand that a performance is just that. Entertain me please.

I'm pretty sure your most memorable gigs included great stage presence... as well as the music.

So that was the main course served up. But every satisfying meal includes a bit more than that.

This is where the dishes come together.

I have been guilty of stating my disappointment (on occasions) with the lighting style and balance that some light techies use. In fact I know that I have niggled some egos. However there has never been criticism of the overall job these guys do. I know they are lighting the stage for the audience - not the nerdy Photog!

My comments, however, are bound to be from my own viewpoint. I know what lighting works for good pics - and what makes it almost impossible to get good results from.

So, to make my point, the stage lighting at Chaos was incredible (for me). Of course it built as the day darkened and all the bells & whistles where in operation for Saturday's head-liners, Nemesis.

For an hour or so I was in photographic culinary heaven. I'll give the performance five Michelin Stars!!

Satisfy your own appetite by checking my pics...