I'm late to the party... that's not like me!

27th February 2015

Well it seems on this occasion I was a little bit late getting to the party :-(

The party in question turned out to be the last ever gig by RorSchach held at the White Hart.

The band had a special claim to fame as the members included father and son Janson & Liam Bewey.

Now I don't think Janson is going to mind if I say that he has been around the music scene for quite a while now (rumour has it that it is about 50 years!) I'm sure that even he couldn't recite the complete list of bands he has played in.

But I'm going to guess that one of the most memorable must be RorSchach. There must be a special feeling when you can share the stage and a love of live music with your son.

Whilst Janson has played in many popular bands (at least locally) it is Liam who seems poised to make the break unto the national scene with his band 'Of Empires'. Liam has made the big move to live on the mainland... something that really has to be done if you have ambitions to break into the larger scene. This is why we may not be seeing Liam playing locally again for a while.

My best wishes go out to him and I hope that extra, final bit of luck comes the band's way. Unfortunately you still need an element of luck however hard the band works.

Anyway I made good use of RorSchach's last gig to take a few pics. At least there is now a record of Janson's latest band to add to the history of the Guernsey live music scene :-)

Follow this link to view a few pics: