I'm knackered, and that is only photographing the action...

16th March 2014

Those were two busy days. But great fun.

Once again I now retreat to my small office having had a brilliant weekend of shooting (the photographic kind, of course). I probably won't be seen again for a few days as I work through the shots of two Gigs, Motocross racing, Autocross racing and the 'biggie' of the weekend, the Guernsey Motor Cycle & Car Club 2-Day Trials.

It was the Trials meeting that has worn me out - and I was only following around trying to capture the best action! To do this I have been up and down cliff slopes, rock piles and and all manner of obstacles. I've lost count of how many sections I covered.

However I'm sure my bones won't be aching like the riders :-)

The quality of the Expert riders was high with some of the sections needing huge commitment. This entertained hundreds of spectators around the course.

I'll be adding picture galleries during the next few days so check-out this Blog for updates...