Imperial impresses.......

25th September 2017

Saturday saw the first time that a hillclimb has been organised on the Rue des Villains/Rue des Portelettes in Torteval... the Imperial Hill.

Many competitors had this hill on their wish list and due to the huge amount of work put in by GK&MC President Karl Marshal and his team it all came together for the inaugural event. Even the weather had been sorted!

Unfortunately the bikers were missing as the hill hadn't been signed off by the ACU. Maybe they'll be there next time?

Also it was a disappointment that the karter's missed a days racing. After a rather nasty accident early in the day officials judged that the hill, which has granite walls either side of the road, was just too dangerous for 'exposed' karters.

But this still left a big turn-out of car drivers. The line-up included several competitors who dusted off their machinery so they could tick this new event off their 'bucket list'.

The day produced some fantastic competition together with a few classes not being won by the 'bookies favorite'. This was good for the sport as it keeps things interesting at the front.

As a photographer I enjoyed the challenge of making a new hill 'work' for me and I was pleased with the overall results. I ended up taking more pics than usual as I worked my way along the course.... leaving me with a bigger edit!

I've just added quite a big gallery of pics to this website. As always I've tried to represent everyone's racing but I also have a few more pics that can be viewed on my laptop computer database... contact me if you want to see more pics of your own personal seasons racing.

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This is a link to the Unite the Union Imperial Hillclimb: