06th December 2011
I'm sorry but it is unlikely that I will be able to fulfill any more orders for prints, canvases, montages or digital files before Christmas.
My wife has been diagnosed with heart failure and was transported to Southampton by Air Ambulance today. I will be with her for the duration of her stay.
If you should place an order without seeing this information I will, of course, give a full refund to you.
Thanks for your understanding.
It is a shame that all this has happened in these circumstances as the trip over was quite an experience.
The Air Ambulance comes with its own Doctor and Nurse, a private plane with two pilots who really were only there to provide a personal service. No duty free's or a loo though!
The Ambulance trip was at commuter time so the Doctor decided that we would use the 'lights'.
This would definitely be the way to travel in different circumstances. I had a front seat in the ambulance as we 'blues & twos' through Southampton - at one point with a police bike escort and police cars on the main junctions holding up the traffic! Like the Queen!
As it turned out there had been what we think was a bad traffic accident on our route so we were waved though right up to the incident which had totally blocked the road. They clearly thought that we were attending that incident!
A quick U-turn later and we were making a detour.
Having seen how 'the waves part' when you have a siren and blue flashing lights I told the driver that I now know what I want for Christmas!
May I thank all of you who have already sent your 'best wishes' to Carol and me. We remain very positive that now the problem has been identified that a successful treament will be made.
Thanks again