Improved track conditions? ..... better tell the photographer!!

17th November 2012

Another week, another Motocross meeting.

Some serious work had been carried out on the track and the riders were offered a much improved surface to race on. Even the rain behaved itself by only making an appearance after midday. Things were looking up!

It was good to see Channel Television attending the Motocross to film some of the action. I look forward to their race report? I think! (see below).

Luckily for me I think the camera crew had left before I had my very own 'comedy moment'.
In fact I think I was fortunate that it happened in a blind spot for most of the spectators.... saving my blushes :-)

I was exploring a few new angles and wondered over to try a new viewpoint that has been made after the removal of some of the mud. I climbed the mound... it was firm and sure enough the new angle worked. Maybe a couple of feet to the left would be better? ....BAD ERROR!
First one welly boot disappeared... then the other. I was completely stuck in soft mud, and still sinking!

I was now wishing that I was in view of someone who could come to my rescue. I began to wonder whether I would only be found sometime next summer, only identifiable by the cameras still hanging around the skeleton's neck?
There was a moment of panic.... and after a few minutes (it seemed like much longer) I had struggled out with very muddy socks, muddy jeans, muddy cameras... oh and a broken nail - although I'm sure that isn't the worst injury ever incurred on an MX track :-)
In case you were wondering, the welly boots were eventually retrieved!

It was time for home and a shower and relief that I probably won't make an appearance on Channel TV's Sports Report or You've been Framed. Fingers crossed!
By the way, I want a 50% cut of the £250 you get from You've been Framed if you got a video....
Or better still, I'll give you £500 to delete it!

Racing pics (only) are now online: